JouJou - Lubricant Chocolate

JouJou - Lubricant Chocolate

Capezzoli al gusto di vaniglia, o natiche alla fragola... Immagina il desiderio che infonde il gusto del cioccolato! Questi lubrificanti di lusso di Jou Jou offrono un valore aggiunto in termini di gusto e brio nei tuoi rapporti sessuali. Jou Jou abbina in maniera efficace una stimolazione intima all'eccitazione scaturita dal "gustare" il corpo del partner. Il tutto senza calorie! Ogni eventuale

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Luxury lubricant with flavor!

Pour jouer ? deux.

Nipples with the flavor of vanilla, strawberry sweet buttocks, and imagine the taste that chocolate evokes. This luxurious lubricants of Jou Jou have an added value of taste that is delicious. Jou Jou effectively combines intimate stimulation with excitement of tasting eachothers body parts. And without extra calories! Any spot that is missed can afterwards easily be rinsed off from both the skin and textile with water. Now with extra long lubricity and improved taste, not sugary. Jou Jou smells sweet, it is safe to use with condoms, is colorless and does not stick. Stylish 1930 striptease look with lace and silk.

Available in the exciting flavors: wild berry, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and peppermint.

100 ml

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